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Politecnico di Bari welcomes and recognizes the role of Visiting Professors in furthering the University’s cultural and scientific internationalisation.
For this purpose, it promotes 3 months-visits of outstanding professors or researchers currently employed in a European or Extraeuropean University, in International Research Centers or International Organizations, in possession of a significative scientific and professional curriculum.
The Visiting Professor/Researcher/Fellow cooperates with the teaching and research structures of the University, carrying out a program in accordance with the strategic objectives of the University.
The presence of Visiting Professors, Researchers and Fellows in our University represents a significant contribution to the internationalization process, intensifying and consolidating the relations and the cooperation projects already launched and to be launched, while also enabling our students to assess different and innovative teaching methods.

Visiting Professors Anno Accademico 2018/19
NEW (Deadline 26th June 2018)  - Bando Visiting a.a. 2018/2019 riapertura termini
Call for Visiting Professors A.Y. 2018/2019
NEW (Deadline 18th June 2018) - Bando Visiting Professors a.a.2018/2019
Call for Visiting Professors a.y. 2018/2019
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